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"Our goal is to provide a level of business expertise that delivers quality, price and service unrivalled by our competitors to achieve positive outcomes for our many valued clients."

Our Name and History

The name Australian Data Cable Systems formally "O'Briens Data Cabling" enjoys the distinction of being one of Australia's oldest and most respected Data and Telecommunication companies still operating with over 23 years industry experience.

Our company delivers a complete cabling and telecommunication system, with a preference for Australian made products which includes design, documentation, modifications, installation, testing, troubleshooting and audits.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on being customer focused, delivering unrivalled service and unbeatable prices.

Our Services

Australian Data Cable Systems (ADCS) provides complete cable management encompassing all types of phone, security, telecommunication and fibre systems.

As an endorsed Panduit, Clipsal, AMP and Krone Australia installer we provide full installation, documentation, modification, testing, trouble shooting and audits with State Government ITS 2067 category A approval. We provide Cat 5, 5e, 6 structured cabling systems with a 25 year guarantee.

Project Management Control

ADCS has established a solid reputation with regard to project management competency of the highest order. We as an organisation build towards a purposeful customer focus to deliver positive outcomes in the key areas of planning, safety, maintenance, teamwork, back up service and on-time completions regardless of the size of project undertaken with a written 15 year guarantee.

Service Support

ADCS work is of the highest quality and our structured cable and telecommunication systems come with a no questions asked 15 year warranty. We pride ourselves with our immediate 24/7 emergency breakdown support for all our clients


ADCS provides technical review and training for all their staff to accommodate the continual changing landscape of the Data and Telecommunication industry.

All our technicians and key personnel are ACA licensed and certified in Data and Telecommunications, First Aid, Confined Space and Safety Training and knowledgeable and experienced in AS 3000, AS 3080, TS 008 & 009 and all requirements for Cat 5 cabling & Hardware, TS1367.

ADCS provides quality assurance certification for all its staff with regular reviews.

Industry Experiences

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Education Institutions
  • Medical Practices
  • Hospitality
  • Mining Industry
  • Residential
  • Manufacturing
  • Primary Producers
  • Retail / Commercial
  • Maintenance / Service
  • Business and Finance
  • Tourism
  • Defence Department

Employee Profiles:

Managing Director

 David Herring
David Herring
"The Difference Between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

With the rapid changes to Data and the Telecommunications Industry we as an organisation pride ourselves to be at the forefront competing aggressively to deliver a level of business expertise that encompasses quality, price, service and safety unrivalled by our competitors.

Australian Data Cable Systems (ADCS) has the capability, people, understanding and technology infrastructure to carry out the most demanding assignments. We have demonstrated our ability over many years to deliver positive outcomes across a broad range of services and industries.

Renowned for our quality, service and flexibility our aim is to remove the confusion that exists in the Industry and to make systems work like they should. In doing this we hope to help our business partners reach higher levels of productivity and profitability through confidence in their relationship with Australian Data Cable Systems.

Phone : 0402 222 869
Email : david@australiandata.com.au

Network Consultant

 Barry Brennan
Barry Brennan

Qualifications: Over 24 years experience in data comunications and network managment. Data procesing and hardware specialist.

Phone : (02) 4932 3499
Email : barry@australiandata.com.au


ADCS enjoys the luxury of employing outstanding technicians who are all ACA licensed with certification in Data and Telecommunications, First Aid, Confined Space and Saftey Training. They are also knowledgable and experienced in AS-3000, AS-3080, TS-008 & 009 as well as the requirements for Category 5 & 6 cabling and hardware TSB-67.

ADCS technicians together with key personel undergo Quality Assurance Certification and regular reviews.

Our skilled Technicians

Our skilled Technicians
Our skilled Technicians Our skilled Technicians

Our skilled Technicians